Real-Time Video at the Surface

All Seaviewer Cameras provide real-time viewing at the surface because they are powered and controlled at the surface eliminating the need to pull up the camera and replace batteries. From a single camera to a complete system Seaviewer has options to fit your requirements . 

How Do I Get Started

We recommend choosing the camera body first based on your needs and then go the the next step which is deciding on what accessories are required. We offer complete systems to support each of the camera bodies below.

Camera Body Styles - (Camera Probes) - Seaviewer Offers three Camera Probes specifically designed for how they 'fly through the water'. Seaviewers designs are also pressure tested to 1000' (300m) which far exceeds most applications. All but the trolling camera can be deployed on the same cable that supplies power and video to the camera and samples of the rigging for each can be found below.

All of the below Probes are available in HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition) - The cost difference is less than $700 

1 -SEADROP CAMERA - more commonly called a drop camera is designed to be used in currents of four knots or less

hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop 5Seaviewers most popular camera probe is the bests choice if your plans include both slow trolling, drifting , or anchored up.  Without ithout the Sea-Tail (see picture) the camera faces away from current, otherwise it faces forward.  The SeaDrop probe has two 3/4 tabs on the side of the camera allowing the user to easily mount the camera or attach additional weight.  The camera can be deployed on the same cable eliminating the need for a tether line.

HD Camera Details
SD Camera Details

  2 - HIGH SPEED TROLLING CAMERA - as the name implies is designed for trolling from 5-12 knots and will face to the rear of the boat

hd 600x600 72dpi offshore 2Seaviewers High Speed Trolling engineered to maintain a very stable platform at trolling speeds up to 12 knots.  This rear facing camera is designed to be deployed on a tether behind the boat.  The camera is heavy adding additional stability at higher speeds.  The camera can also be used as a drop camera however the main usage is trolling.

HD Camera Details
SD Camera Details


 3-VERTICAL DROP CAMERA - Downward facing camera designed for viewing the bottom or as an inspection camera with a diameter of 3"

5600 Metal2

Seaviewer offers this camera probe for viewing the bottom.  This probe is machined from a solid piece of aluminum.  The aluminum structure can withstand reasonable abuse with no issues.  This is the choice probe for inspection where a downward view is required.  

HD Camera Details
SD Camera Details   

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