Records on standard "High Speed"  32gig USB drives.   This high quality recorder can also be used with our Analog cameras providing excellent quality.  H.264 compression provides up to 4 hours of recordings

HDMI H.264 Recorder Specifications


1080P recording with one click
INPUT: HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video.
MICROPHONE INPUT: can record your voice with video together.
VIDEO SOURCE: 720P/1080P recording quality selection button.
REMOTE:Get Record/Stop, Video source selection, 720P/1080P selection and Snap shot functions via remote



Interface USB 2.0 Host
Video Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: Component Video, Composite Video
Audio Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: RCA L/R, 3.5mm Microphone In
Note: Microphone without pass through for HDMI input
Video Output Digital: HDMI (Pass-through from HDMI or Component or Composite Input)
Audio Output Digital: HDMI (Pass-through from HDMI or RCA L/R Input)
Analog: 3.5mm Stereo (Pass-through from HDMI or RCA L/R Input)


Codec Hardware H.264 encoder
User Interface Record button, 720p/1080p switch button, source change button. Five more buttons for setting time and schedule
LED indicator for working status. Ezcap283s with LCD screen for show time and schedule status
Storage Media: Removable USB Flash Disk (no hard disk)
Max Capacity: 64 Gig Note: The exFAT format is not supported.
Record Format Video: MP4, Audio: AAC Stereo
Record Quality Max: 18Mbps@1080P 30fps
Record File Max: 2GB / Per File, With RTC (Real Time Clock)
Record Minute: 8.4GB / Hour
NOTE: Recorder creates a separate file every 2gig while recording
Power Supply USB B, DC 5V / 2A


RECORDER STARTUP NOTE – 7 second delay; recorder is a small computer and there is a lag of 7 seconds from the time record is pressed until recording starts.


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